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Over 40,000 M43A1 systems are in service with the Armed Forces 

in over 25 countries around the world.

The system exists in various configurations:

Component Variations
Detector M43A1, M43A1G, M43A1J, KM43A1
Remote Alarm M42, M42G
Power Supply M10, M10G
Power Supply & Battery Charger M10G2
Battery NiCd Battery, BA 3517
Test Set M140, M140G
Vehicle Mount M182, M228
Add-on Module Mustard Module, BBCA Module

The suffix G refers to the European variation of the system, while J and K designate Asian versions. 

M43A1 and M43A1G are structurally and functionally similar but differ in many parts and subassemblies and are in general not compatible with each other. 

M8A1 is the designation of a system configuration consisting of the M43A1 Detector and the M42 Remote Alarm.

NBC Logistics can provide spare parts for all system variations from multiple manufacturing sources and existing stocks.


for users who have been operating the M43A1 G version for more than 10 years:

The recommended working life of the radioactive sources has expired. Use beyond working life limit may cause radiation hazard to operating personnel.

Radioactive sources should be replaced in a

  cell retrofit program  

to continue safe operation of the equipment.



per personale operando i rivelatori M43A1 da più di 10 anni:

La durata operativa raccomandata delle sorgenti radioattive è scaduta. L`uso oltre la durata operativa può causare un rischio radiologico al personale operante.

Le sorgenti radioattive devono essere cambiate in un 

programma di rimpiazzo  

per continuare l`operazione sicura del equipaggiamento.